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Technology: Conference for Law School Computing
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2001 Conference: Post-Conference Materials

2001 Conference for Law School Computing®


Below you will find links to handouts, HTML presentations, and PowerPoint presentations in HTML from this year's Conference (held June 21-23, 2001at the Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA), as well as links to RealVideo 8 files recorded during conference sessions.

Conference materials are being posted as the presenters submit the materials to CALI. If you have any comments or questions regarding these materials or if you were a presenter and would like to post your URLs or PowerPoint slides, please e-mail Most sessions were recorded in RealVideo 8 SureStream format (56.6K modem minimum) and are available for playback using the RealPlayer 8.

Any comments or views expressed during the recorded sessions are not those of CALI; all comments and opinions are those of the individual presenter(s) and attendees.

All Materials on and linked from this page may be protected by their authors under United States Copyright Law (i.e., ©). Please do not re-distribute these materials without prior permission of the authors.

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