Thursday, June 22, 2000, 2:30-3:30 PM
"Video Conferencing & Video Streaming for the Beginner"
Michael Samson, Librarian*
                          Arthur Neef Law Library, Wayne State University



  • video conferencing
    • live CU-SeeMe conference between a Macintosh and a PC
      • NetMeeting 3.1 (Windows 98 running under Virtual PC 3.1) will be used to start the PC version of CU-SeeMe on a remote (WSU, Detroit) personal NT 4.0 workstation
  • video streaming
    • live streaming using Sorensen Broadcaster and QuickTime Streaming server located at WSU, University Television
      • click here for streaming viewed through your browser (you need QuickTime plug-in)

*Broadband, Streaming FAQ, consulting & server set-up & help courtesy of
University Television, Wayne State University

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