(last updated 6/22/2002)

Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 West Adams
Chicago, IL 60661

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Hands on 700
HOT Breakfast - Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Cheese and Meat - The "Heart Attack Special"
(2nd Floor Cafeteria & 5th Floor 570- 580)
9:30a-1030 Student Printing & Copying, Wilbur, Barksdale, Velco TeknoidFest II: Regular Expressions for Fun and Profit, being an intro to the Dark Arts, Heywood Revolutions in Organizing Legal Research and Study, Morton, Fackre Assessing Technology-Based Legal Education, Johnson

Digital Libraries: Two Case Studies The Avalon Project, & Digitizing the Supreme Court, Davidson, Fray

Lab Session for Assessing Technology-Based Legal Education, Johnson
Break - Bottled Water, Juice, Milk, Soda (Concourse)
11:00-12:00p How to put up a website offering over 3,000 research links with software that costs under $50.00, Jack Open Source Website Content Management with Zope, Chapman Thinking Outside The Box and How We Did It: Quality Use of Web-Based Course Management Systems By 100% of the Faculty, Cornaby Law Review XML Document, Abdulaziz

Producing Software CDs for your Students, Hirsh

Lab Session for Assessing Technology-Based Legal Education, Johnson
Break - Candy Bars, Bottled Water, Juice, Milk, Soda (Concourse)
12:30-1:30p Virtual legal reference with Windows XP Pro, Samson Scraping by on Just Enough, Running IT While Perpetually Understaffed, Kistler, Young Faculty Experiences with Web Course Management Systems (Blackboard/WebCT), Wangerin, Albright Novell Internet Messaging System, Bieber

HOTSEAT: Game Show Flash for Legal Study, Wilen

Open Lab for Email
Box Lunches (Concourse)
Bringing Live Legal Scholars to your Law School (Virtually), Sitzer (bring your lunch and meet in Room 510)
Closing Plenary, Mayer (short) Followed by 1st Ever Law School Computing Quiz Show, Ryan
Visit Chicago! (some recommendations)

Saturday - June 22 - 1:30-2:30p / Room 510 [TOP] (SPECIAL: LUNCHTIME LECTURE)
Bringing Live Legal Scholars to your Law School (Virtually)
Audience: Any
Technical Level: Low

How can you bring internationally renowned speakers to your school for free? Andrew Sitzer, a student at the USC School of Law is working to create a global conferencing network. Through the Internet, your school can participate in live video presentations by famous legal scholars. Find out how your school can become involved in this not-for-profit program that will benefit large and small schools alike. This boxed-lunch discussion will include a brainstorming session and a follow-up discussion of how to extend this videoconferencing network into other areas of distance learning.

VisionQuest is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a charter for connecting students with technology visionaries through distance learning. The goal for VisionQuest is to create a nationwide speaker-series for lawschools. Through distance-learning and video-conferencing technologies, VisionQuest aims to link up multiple lawschools for the purpose of sharing guest-speakers. This free resource would provide academia with a global audience for what is now just a private one-room event.

Andrew Sitzer
Chief Financial Officer
VisionQuest Foundation