(last updated 6/20/2002)

Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 West Adams
Chicago, IL 60661

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FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2002
700 Computer Lab
All Day
Be sure to visit Westgroup in room C35 and LexisNexis in room C25!
HEALTHY Breakfast - Yogurt, Tree Bark and Pine Cones
Examsoft User Group Meeting (bring your lunch and meet in Room 520)
9:00-10:15a Auditorium & video feed to C50 - Plenary: Socially Responsible Educational Technology: Professor David Noble, York University, author of "Digital Diploma Mills"
Break - Bottled Water, Juice, Milk, Soda (Concourse)
10:30-11:30a Aspen Publishers and Loislaw, a New Opportunity for Online Use, Garrett, Gass

Exams on Computers Redux, Kistler, Sarab, Wasserman, Winneg

Legal Issues in Buidling Course Web Sites: Copyright Law for Academics, Quinn The Universe of Thinkable Thoughts, Dabney What Students Don't Know Can Hurt You: Using Pre-tests to Understand Students' Limitations, Sergienko Open Lab for Email
Deli Lunch - Sandwiches, Salads & Dessert (2nd Floor Cafeteria & 5th Floor 570- 580)
Law School CIO Lunch, Room 210, 12:00p-1:00, Molina CS-SIS Meeting, Room 520 12:00p-1:00, Duggan Lunch
1:00p-2:00p Lighten the Load: Documents and eBooks on Palm OS devices and Ebook Readers, Lee, Johnson Remote Administration Options, Dickens Online Learning for BC Lawyers and Law Students, Campbell Integration Technologies, Creighton Law School Intranets, Hausman, Jones, Skalbeck Open Lab for Email
Break - Bottled Water, Juice, Milk, Soda (Concourse)
2:30p-3:30p Teach them to fish: How to design, build and sustain an integrated technology training and curriculum development program, Gabrielson, Provenzano

TeknoidsFest II: The FuseBox Development Methodology with a demonstration of LegalCMS, Cantrell

Subscriptions to PLI's Superior Online Resources for Law Schools, Dighton Wireless PDAs: Big Issues for Small Gadgets, Rosenoff Beyond the Casebook: Developing and Implementing a Media Based Course, McLaughlin, Plaue, Miller Open Lab for Email
Break - Ice Cream, Bottled Water, Juice, Milk, Soda (Concourse)
4:00p-5:00p Revolution in Service, Strategies for Librarians and IT to Work Together, Nelson, Schard Beyond HTML: The Next Generation of Law School Websites, Liebert Using/Authoring CALI Lessons, Cohen, Eades, Grohman Distance Learning Across Borders, Winn, Bushaw Creating Electronic Lectures for Web Distribution Using PowerPoint Technology, Wangerin Open Lab for Email
Dinner on your own - we blew the budget on Thursday Night! (some recommended nearby restaurants)
Open Source Installfest (a.k.a. Return of TeknoidsFest a.k.a. GeekFest) (room 590)
Pizzas may be ordered, leftover food from lunch will certainly be pilfered