Setting up and Managing
a Law School Lab

9:30 - 10:30
Saturday 6/24/00
Room C50
Keith Slayden
Cornell Law School
What should you provide for students in terms of public computing facilities ? What are some methods for streamlining services and support for the facility ? How do you manage it once you've got it ? This session will highlight the Cornell Law School's recent lab upgrade : A before and after explanation of the facilities, hardware, infrastructure and management of the computer lab. The decision process will be discussed, involving variables such as "integration with a larger University organization.".
Once the decisions have been made for the start of the facility, management of the lab ( hardware, software, and people) needs to be taken care of. This presentation is not a vendor showcase or high-tech dog-and-pony show. It is an attempt to simplify the process of creating a computer lab, offering tips along the way, and is intended for any IT staff who currently manage, or plan on implementing, a computer lab.