CALI 2000, Going the Distance

Beyond Brochureware

Sieglinde Schreiner-Linford

A. The standard law school website – a template

The standard law school web site in 2000:

B. About Brochureware

C. What can and what should be done with websites

D.Practical and organizational problems in web-publishing


E. Navigability, integration and cooperation

The site was created based upon the infrastructure of the university. By 1999, it became clear that the majority of users did not care about the infrastructure of the university. They wanted to be able to quickly get their hands on the information that they needed.
Sue Van Sickle, University Webmaster, Washburn University

F.Academy of European Law online

1.Teaching materials

Not online teaching, but teaching materials for use in courses

2.Working papers and EJIL

Integration! Creating accepted quality service.

3.European Integration Current Contents

4.European Integration World Wide Events Calendar

5.European Foreign Policy Bulletin online

6.European Research Papers Archive

7.Site statistics

Two overlaying curves

G.The changing market for legal education: will distance learning replace law schools?

Oh, no! I'm not going to do this!

H.Why off-line education will not go away

Legal education is not only about 'legal' and not only about 'transferring knowledge', least of all it is just about acquiring information

For every single of these points there are groups of people for whom they are irrelevant or impractical

I. Online publishing and changes in legal education

J.Conclusions: Make it useful! There is (still?) a chance.

None of this can happen if there is no infrastructure, understanding of good principles of web management and design, adequate and timely funding not only at the ‘over-all’, but also for the capillary level