SGML in Law and Legal Education

Thursday, June 8th

SGML Open, a non-profit vendor consortium, will deliver a series of sessions on SGML and how it can be used to create educational materials and organize information in your institution.

  1. Introduction to SGML
    a basic, up-to-speed tutorial covering concepts, background and history, market size, applications, key system components, and common terminology

  2. SGML and Legal Applications
    a discussion of SGML as an enabling standard for electronic casebooks and case files

  3. SGML Production Processes
    a description of how SGML is used throughout the document production process, from document development to management to delivery

  4. Case Studies
    a panel of industry experts, comprised of users, attorneys, and publishers, who will share their experiences with SGML, its benefits, and the issues associated with its implementation

  5. Vendor Demonstrations

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